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August 30 2017

August 26 2017

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USUK comic

“My very own England…” 



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eng doodles

August 25 2017

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I need someone to hold me

August 24 2017

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McDonald’s date at Japan’s place. ☆

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dance like you’re back in 1975 (ref)

“do the hustle” was a popular dance in the 1970′s. i tried to drawing out the typical fashion of that era and honestly all i got was america looking like rebellious teen england’s suburban dad. i might consider doing a series of these for each era but. lol

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“As countries that will live for undoubtedly hundreds of years more, the past cannot be dwelled upon. Wars, invasions, betrayals. They are things we must acknowledge but move on from and reprieve. Including the disintegration of the Prussian state. However, as Ludwig, as the younger brother of Gilbert who lost his only sibling to your hands; I will never be able to forgive you. For as long as I bear the name Beilschmidt, and remember.”  

referencing the allies disintegrating Prussia after WW2!! 

Anyways this was inspired by the same scene in the Risorgimento doujin! I like to believe they have a super strong sibling relationship but i also enjoy angst so :3 (only my own angst cuz other angst makes me sad and cry LOL) 

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[[ Insert any funny comment here ]]

August 22 2017

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when someone offers to take ur jacket and its ur only means of warmth

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bless you in April

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hire a samurai

August 18 2017

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Hetalia World ☆ Stars - Chapter 290
Translation: y4nderenka // spaghettifelice
Scanlation: cosyanet

Please link back to our Tumblr when using translated images
on other sites.
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ok but what about demigod beiei

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His eyes are alarmingly charming! (●´ω`●)

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APHまとめ 米と芋多め
Pixiv ID: 61812034
Member: 361648 - ともし

※Posted with the artist’s permission
~Please ask the artist first if you want to repost the artist’s art~

August 13 2017

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I wonder what they would do next ( ´¬`)ノ ~<3

[sketch version]

[deviantart link]

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