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October 29 2017

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sequel to this because my friends like to dig up my old art and shame me. love you fuckos have something better


October 28 2017

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m too busy to drawwaawawwaww

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Impress me.

October 27 2017

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don’t cry for me, we’re together now

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APH Austria for Pauline :D
As a patreon reward

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I painted these pictures about 3 weeks ago.

(I’ m trying to use the language……

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Pixiv ID: 8803527
Member: quragem

October 26 2017

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stream req on Insgram


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Well I give up….just try to enjoy it.(?)


October 24 2017

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[ TW: Mention of Rape/torture/death ]

With this evil/cold-hearted Queen?

Made him back 2015 and the story I have in mind was that as the usual Cardverse AU, Queen and Kings are chosen by Gods/Aces, their insignia will appear on their skin as soon as they were born.

Magic use is pretty common in Cardverse AU but in my version, magic wielders like Queen Arthur are hunted down. While young, Arthur live a terrifying life, hiding from slavers to be sold off to people who use them for their own selfish needs. From doing heavy labor, personal body guards, pleasure, etc. Lucky if they were captured by slavers since they’re kept alive but most however - are captured by hunters to be burned alive.

These hunters are believers who think that magic is evil. The root of chaos, plague, death and misfortune. By executing them it will bring peace on the land - some believe that if you kill a magic wielder, you’re forever blessed with luck. As usual they call the magic wielders are witches, and warlocks.

Arthur was captured by slavers when he was 17. Sold off and was brought in by a wealthy household where he’s put to work with the other slaves. They’re forced to put on a metallic collar that cause their magic to weaken but enough to do labor. He tried to escape of course but ends up a failure, he was beaten badly as punishment, at one point they nearly broke his legs. 

He killed the entire household after they force him to watch his close friend, a mother figure to him, raped, tortured and then killed. The trauma cause his sleeping insignia to waken, break the collar around his neck and his magic nearly destroyed the whole mansion. (cliche. LMAO)

The other slaves took the chance to escape while Arthur stayed behind, in shock, staring at the lifeless body of the only person who showed love and care.


Hunters caught up, captured him and then was sentenced to death. Like the other magic users before him, he will be burned alive.

Arthur never talk, didn’t even fought back - like an empty shell being dragged here and there and then finally they have him tied on a stake to be burned. He accepted his fate and was ready to die. When flame touch his skin, he didn’t even flinch or cry.

But then it happened. Time went to a complete stop, Arthur can no longer hear the chanting or cheering, can no longer feel the flame consuming his skin. When he look up, everyone stand frozen, no movement or whatsoever except of a young man with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. 


Queen: That’s how he proposed. It was wonderful. ❤
King: ❤

But yes, cliched. Oh well. That’s the start of it really.

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Pixiv ID: 61195934
Member: 117092 - しーか

※Posted with the artist’s permission
~Please ask the artist first if you want to repost the artist’s art~
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what i see: a USUK AU where Arthur is being a typical house-wife for Alfred; making him breakfast/lunch/dinner, up-keeping the house all the time, does both of their laundry/dishes/chores, and is overall representing the stay-at-home wife role because he is victim to what society thinks the submissive one in a same-sex marriage should be- thus falling into the same stereotypical gender roles as other heterosexual wives to keep the gays in line

what i want to see: a USUK AU where Arthur is fully aware of the gender roles in society; but tries to break those gender roles by cooking, cleaning, doing feminine activities (like wearing pink frilly aprons & knitting/sewing), and taking care of Alfred anyways because he genuinely wants to do so & actually enjoys his interests- all while still having a semi-masculine personality- and also Alfred helps out and tries to keep the chores even as best as he can, while supporting his husband’s feminine activities/habits 1000% and loves him no matter what (besides, Alfred loves Arthur in his favorite pink frilly apron & it’s hella cute)

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I was bored

October 23 2017

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colored the england i drew a couple days ago for practice/color study

im not good at picking colors still so i have to stare at lots of other ppls art first

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Which one are you?

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Japan→me, England →my friend’s British husband

The reason why he laughed was because I had a strong American accent and he thought it was funny to hear strong American accent from a Japanese girl. He didn’t meant to be rude. 

I learned that “go powder my nose” is an elegant way to say that you need to use the bathroom…


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